School Calendar

StJLC School Calendar

St. John School will follow the BISD Calendar.

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The School day is 8:30am-3:00pm.

K3 and K4 have the option of 3 days/week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) or 5 days/week.
K5 – 5th grade meet 5 days/week.

At the beginning of the school year:
K3 students must be 3 years of age
K4 students must be 4 years of age
K5 students must be 5 years of age
1st grade students must be 6 years of age
2nd grade students must be 7 years of age
3rd grade students must be 8 years of age
4th grade students must be 9 years of age
5th grade students must be 10 years of age


The School day is 8:30am-3:00pm. All classes attend chapel at 11:00am daily.
On Mondays all classes have lunch at Hungry Horse.

Elementary Schedule

Elementary spends each morning learning academics.
Afternoons are saved for enrichment.


Monday: music with Boerne Music Academy

Tuesday and Thursday: PE with YMCA

Wednesday: Gardening

Friday: Art Class

Pre-K Schedule

8:30am:  Arrival, Reading & Circle Time
9:00am:  Morning Snack
9:20am:  Story Time
9:30am:  Large Group Lesson
10:15am:  Small Group lessons
11:00am:  Chapel
11:30am:  Outdoor Playtime
12:00pm:  Lunch
12:30pm:  Center Time
1:30pm:  Quiet Learning
2:45pm:  Pack up
3:00pm:  Dismissal

Have questions? Contact us! 830-375-5321