Faith Adventure

At St. John Lutheran School, faith is not only a cornerstone of the learning, but an adventure into life!

Relationship with Jesus

All children at StJLC School will develop an important relationship with Jesus and understand how our faith in Him guides our lives.

Building Disciples

We are all called to be disciples of Jesus and spread the word of Christ in our own community. All StJLC students will learn:
  • how to pray
  • the Books of the Bible
  • Bible Stories
  • that God has a plan for them
  • right from wrong
  • to sing songs of praise
  • to lead part of a worship service
  • the 10 commandments
  • to care for God’s creation
  • to show compassion to others
  • to serve willingly
  • to pray for others
  • to pray with thanksgiving

Daily Chapel

Each day, our students attend chapel. We hear Bible stories and learn how they apply to our lives today.