Pre-K: What make us unique?

Multi-Sensory Focus

Our Pre-K children learn skills that will prepare them to move forward:

  • Hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, as well as language and listening skills
  • Recognition of colors, shapes, letters, sounds, numbers, and beginning phonics
  • Understanding of simple Bible stories and how to pray with thanksgiving
  • Taking turns, compassion and empathy for others

Educational Adventure

Our curriculum is exciting and keeps children engaged and entertained using a variety of activities including coloring, singing, poetry, puppetry, and more!


Your children’s faith will be nurtured as they learn math, history, language, arts, and science.

Homeschool-like Atmosphere

At St.JLC School you will often see students of different ages/grades sitting together on couches learning side by side, like you would see in a home.  Friendships are easily formed between children of different ages/grades just like siblings.  Teachers participate in each child’s education, not just the children in their class.  As you walk down the hall, visitors can feel the extended family culture.