Our Curriculum: Academics and Adventure!

St. John Lutheran School uses the abeka® curriculum with hands-on activities, experiments, field trips and real-world learning opportunities.

The abeka® Curriculum

The abeka® curriculum offers many benefits:

  • It’s structured on a Christian foundation.
  • It’s broad and will help your child build skills in a variety of subjects, from art to engineering.
  • It’s exciting and keeps children engaged and entertained using a variety of activities including coloring, singing, poetry, puppetry, and more!
  • It’s proven through research to be effective for children with all different learning styles and abilities.


Within the abeka® curriculum, there are three main focuses of learning:

  • Intellectual: The abeka® curriculum approaches learning from a practical, traditional approach and helps students develop on an intellectual level.
  • Moral: This curriculum will instill good character, teach students to display integrity and discern right from wrong, and provide them with a strong moral foundation.
  • Spiritual: St. John Lutheran School believes that spiritual growth comes by loving God with all one’s heart, soul, and mind and loving one’s neighbor as oneself. The abeka® curriculum reflects this core teaching of Christianity by incorporating scripture with modern examples of application.

Learn more about the abeka® curriculum HERE.

Mixed Grade Classrooms

How often do people divide by age group in the real world? Not too often! Mixed-age classrooms better prepare children for the “real world,” in which they’ll interact with other people of a range of ages, experiences, and abilities.

Benefits of mixed grade classrooms include:

  • Increased social and emotional understanding
  • Collaborative and independent learning with greater ease
  • Positive peer interactions
  • Development of social, emotional, and verbal skills and self-esteem
  • Learning at their own pace
  • Improved student attitudes toward school and school work
  • Improved academic outcomes